How to Register an Account?
There are two ways to create your account. You can just add domains to the cart and then click on View Cart.
You enter your email and name to use for your account and then proceed to payment.

The second option is to buy credits. You enter your email and name to use for your account and then proceed
to payment.

After payment for both methods, you will be emailed your login details.

Are domains already registered?
No - in order to avoid footprints we do not register the domains. As soon as you make your purchase full details of the domain will be sent to you, it’s important that you purchase the domain right away. There are thousands of marketers hunting down authority domains similar to the ones we offer.

What Can I do with the domains?

As the domains already have authority with authority links pointing to them you can use these to instantly leverage the authority. Some uses are noted below

* To build a brand new site and excel your Google rankings

* To build a Private Blog Network (PBN)

* To build sites to sell links

* To build sites to flip

* for 301 redirect purposes

How long does it take sites to get indexed?

Sites will usually get indexed within the first 48 hours of registering them, if you cant get it indexed within 7 days then our team will try to get it indexed for you. If we cant get it indexed within 3 days we will exchange the domain for another of your choices or we will issue you with a domain credit.

What Do the various domain factors mean?

Moz PA (Page Authority) - Details about Page Authority here - http://moz.com/learn/seo/page-authority

Moz DA (Domain Authority) - Info about Domain Authority here - http://moz.com/learn/seo/domain-authority

TF (Trust Flow) - Details about Trust Flow here - https://majestic.com/support/glossary#TrustFlow

CF (Citation Flow) - Learn about Citation Flow here - https://majestic.com/support/glossary#CitationFlow

Ext BackLink - the number of external sites linking back to the domain

Ref Domain (Referring domains) - More about this at - https://majestic.com/support/glossary#RefDomain

Ref IPS (Referring IP's)- Info about this at - https://majestic.com/support/glossary#RefIPs

How much do credits costs?

The price varies for the amount of a credit and we do run specials for multiple buys. A credit will always be exchangable for one domain details from us for you to lock in with your registrar.

I Purchased, Where are my domain details?

After your purchase you should receive an email that contains the information about the domain name, the email will be sent to the paypal address you made payment from. You can also find details of your purchases on the Purchase History page. Please be sure to check your spam folder for the email that gets sent

What is the refund policy?

Due to the nature of this service when you purchase credits or domains then all sales are final and no refunds will be given. Your account will get the credits for use in our system. In the unique case where the domain couldn't be indexed then you will be issued with a credit back to your account. Then you can find a replacement domain.